Parameter Automation MIDI CC and VST Map

Note: 2/09/09 Musiclab has finally documented some of these.

Category Parameter MIDI
CC #
VST Name
Mode Controls Chords_Strings, Lower, select 3 ChdStrL
Mode Controls Chords_Strings, Upper, select 6 ChdStrU
Master Volume 7 Volume
Mode Controls Bass&Chord_mode_Strings#, select 9 BnCStr#
Setup Pitch, Coarse 12 PtchCrse
Setup Pitch, Fine Tune 13 PtchFine
Setup Modulation, Depth 14 ModDepth
Setup Modulation, Freq 15 ModFreq
Mixers Mixer_Muted_sound, Volume 20 MxMuted
Mixers Mixer_Slow_Strum, Volume 21 MxSlStrm
Mixers Mixer_Key_switch_FX, Volume 22 MxKeyFx
Mixers Mixer_FretNoise, on/off, 23 MxFrtN_
Mixers Mixer_FretNoise, Volume 24 MxFrtNse
Mixers Mixer_ReleaseNoise, on/off 25 MxRelN_
Mixers Mixer_ReleaseNoise, Volume 26 MxRelNse
Mixers Mixer_Pick/BodyNoise, on/off 27 MxPckB_
Mixers Mixer_Pick/BodyNoise, Volume 28 MxPckBdy
Master EQ, High 29 EQ-High
Master EQ, Low 30 EQ-Low
Mode Controls Harmony_Mode_Interval, select 31 HrmIntr1
Mode Controls Solo_FX_HammerOn, select 35 SolFxHO
Mode Controls Solo_FX_HammerOn, Steps 36 HOSteps
Mode Controls Solo_FX_Slide, select 37 SolFXSld
Mode Controls Solo_FX_Slide, Steps 38 SldSteps
Mode Controls Solo_FX_Slide, Time 39 SldTime
Mode Controls Solo_BassZone, on/off 40 BassZone
Mode Controls Solo_BassZone, range 41 BassRang
Sound Effects FX_Tremolo, on/off 44 MxTremol
Sound Effects FX_Tremolo_Depth 45 TremDpth
Sound Effects FX_Tremolo_Freq 46 TremFreq
Sound Effects FX_Chorus, on/off 47 MxChorus
Sound Effects FX_Chorus_Level 48 ChLevel
Sound Effects FX_Chorus_Depth 49 ChDepth1
Sound Effects FX_Chorus_Freq 50 ChFreq1
Sound Effects FX_Chorus_Depth2 51 ChDepth2
Common Alter_sample, mode 52 AltSmple
Common Accent_Threshold 53 VelThrsh
Common Performance_Mode, select 54 Mode
Common Release_Time 55 RlseTime
Common Strum_Time 56 StrmTime
Controllers Pitch_Bender, Mode 57 PBMode
Controllers PBender_to_Slide, Range 58 PBSldRng
Controllers PBender_to_Pitch, Range 59 PBPtcRng
Controllers Modulation_Wheel, Mode 60 WhMode
Controllers ModWheel_to_Slide, Range 61 WhSldRng
Controllers ModWheel_to_Pitch, Range 62 WhPtcRng
Common Hold, on/off 64 Hold
Mode Controls Solo_KeySwFX_C1, select 65 KeySWC1
Mode Controls Solo_KeySwFX_C#1, select 67 KeySWC#1
Mode Controls Solo_KeySwFX_D1, select 68 KeySWD1
Mode Controls Solo_KeySwFX_D#1, select 70 KeySWD#1
Mode Controls Solo_PedalSwFX, select 71 PedalSw
Velocity VelSw_VeloMute, select 72 VeloMute
Velocity VelSw_VeloMute, Velo 73 VMuteVel
Controllers Aftertouch, Mode 75 AtchMode
Controllers Aftertouch_to_Pitch, Range 76 AtchRng
Controllers Velocity_Curve, select 77 VelCurve
Common Fret_Position, select 78 FretPos
Common Auto_Fret_Position, on/off 79 AutoFret
Mode Controls Chords/Bass, on/off 80 ChrdBass
Velocity Velo_Switch_Slide_mode, select 85 VelSlide
Velocity VelSw_SlideUp, Velo 86 SldUpVel
Velocity VelSw_SlideUp, Steps 87 SldUpStp
Velocity VelSw_SlideUp, Time 88 SldUpTim
Velocity VelSw_SlideDown, Velo 89 SldDnVel
Velocity VelSw_SlideDown, Steps 90 SldDnStp
Velocity VelSw_SlideDown, Time 102 SldDnTim
Velocity VelSw_Bend_mode, select 103 VelBend
Velocity VelSw_Bend, Velo 104 BendVel
Velocity VelSw_Bend, Steps 105 BendStep
Velocity VelSw_Bend, Time 106 BendTime
Velocity VelSw_ReverseBend, Velo 107 RBendVel
Velocity VelSw_ReverseBend, Steps 108 RBendStp
Velocity VelSw_ReverseBend, Time 109 RBendTim
Mode Controls Pattern_mode_switch 110 Pattern
Mode Controls Chord Position, select 111 ChordPos
Velocity Slow_Strum_on_high_velo, select 112 SlStrmHi
Velocity Slow_Strum_HighVel, Velo 113 SlStrHVe
Velocity Slow_Strum_HighVel, Speed 114 SlStrHSp
Velocity Slow_Strum_on_low_velo, select 115 SlStrLow
Velocity Slow_Strum_LowVel, Velo 116 SlStrLVe
Velocity Slow_Strum_LowVel, Speed 117 SlStrLSp
Mode Controls Alter_Bass, on/off 118 ChdAltBs
Mode Controls Bass_Mono, on/off 119 ChdMnoBs
Mode Controls Slow Strum time zone (Ptrn. mode) 120 Slowzone
Category Parameter MIDI
CC #
VST Name

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