Rebate Helper

(Version 1.0)


Rebate Helper is a free, easy-to-use, manual organization system to help you keep track of your rebates – both going out and coming in.

If you get as many rebates as I do, it quickly becomes a daunting task to keep track of them all. Some folks actually think it's more trouble than it's worth. But Rebate Helper can simplify the process and get you organized.

I've often wondered why there are so many rebates available. I've gotten many nice things for very low (or no) cost. My guess is that the stores and the manufacturers hope to lure you in with the promise of rebates, but then count on you to forget to send in the rebate, or miss one of the many requirements, or lose track that you have not received your rebate.

Time to fight back, with Rebate Helper!.

Here's how it works

The Rebate Helper consists of two sheets that you print out and fill in:

  1. The Individual Rebate Sheet

    One for each rebate. (If a purchased item has more than one rebate, you should fill out a separate Individual Rebate Sheet for each rebate.) There are 3 boxes:

    1. Purchase and Rebate Info box – Keep track of Purchase info and Rebate info
    2. Mail-In and Copy Checklist box – To help you mail in (and save a copy of) all the needed documentation
    3. Contact Notes box – Keep track of any contacts you may need to make (hopefully none)

  2. The Summary/Status Sheet

    Keep track on the progress of all your rebates on one sheet. This sheet is the heart of the system.

The typical scenario

More info ...

If you have any questions or suggestions for the Rebate Helper, please email me.

Here's an interesting article from How to avoid the rebate runaround   (08/04/03)

Happy rebating!

2/2/04 Rebate Helper 1.0 at by Tom Parker.