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Category Site/Item/Link Comments
Plugins Audio
Don'tCrack Nice list of plugins
KVR Nearly 600. Can select/search/sort here.
GVST Free effects "The giant free audio plugin database"
SadGlad 670 entries. Click image, then look for "Ultimate List of Free VST plugins" Free Plugin Links
VST Central Hundreds of freebies.
Voxengo Several free plugins from this highly regarded company.
Kjaerhus Audio Classic Series of 9 plugins
Maxim Digital Audio Free VST plugins
LFX-1310 From Lumonix - a VST multi-effector including 24 types of algorithms and 3 serial slots.
Don'tCrack Nice list of instruments
KVR Over 500. Can select/search/sort here. "The giant free audio plugin database"
GVST Free instruments
MIDI MIDI Plugins Most are free.
Granucon MIDI keyboard, sliders, etc.
TobyBear A dozen or so.
SadGlad Nice list.
TenCrazy Some nice ones.
SONAR Plugin Manager Very powerful plugin and preset manager. From Cakewalk (SONAR 2+).
DXMan Another DX plugin manager. Add/remove/investigate. Neat feature: click "Properties" to show actual panel. From AnalogX.
VB Plugman Another plugin Manager. Show info, enable/disable/remove.
DX Plugin Remover  
Preset Mover Save the audio preset settings of DirectX plugins.
SUBSonar Organize plugin menus.
Soundfonts Sonic Implants  
Grand Piano Soundfont From a Steinway Model-C (7 foot, 5 inch) grand piano.
sf2midi Hundreds of free soundfonts.
LoopJunkie Look for "Free Soundfonts galore"
Synthzone List of sites, some of which are free. (Search for "free").
HammerSound Huge soundfont library
Tools SONAR Utils Great tool to check/adjust SONAR settings.
cwenc Replacement for SONAR's time-limited demo-version MP3 encoder.

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02/10/11 Tom Parker