SONAR 8.3 Key Bindings

This site lists all the Key Bindings that are available in the SONAR 8.3 Key Bindings dialog (see picture at bottom).


  • There are over 650 user-modifiable key bindings (not even counting those for CAL, Layout, and StudioWare files).

  • The Key Binding dialog does not show defaults (except for Step Record), so I've tried to list the defaults, where applicable.

  • A wonderful companion document to these Key Bindings pages, is the SONAR Shortcut Reference Document written by mabian. It lists all the default shortcuts (some of which are user-modifiable via key bindings) and also contains lots of other useful info.

  1. Global Bindings
  2. Console View
  3. Event List View
  4. Step Sequencer
  5. Loop Construction View  
  6. Loop Explorer View
  7. Markers View
  8. Meter/Key View
  9. Piano Roll View
  10. Staff View
  11. Step Record
  12. Surround Panner
  13. Synth Rack View
  14. Sysx View
  15. Tempo View
  16. Track View
  17. Video View

    All of the above

The Key Bindings dialog:

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Last updated: 03/02/09