Key Bindings for: Console View

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Close View Ctrl+F4  
Enable Floating    
Disable Floating    
Import Track Template    
Reset All Clips and Numeric Peak Indicators    
Move to next control Right  
Move to to previous control Left  
Move to Next Strip    
Move to Previous Strip    
Move to Next Strips Page    
Move to Previous Strips Page    
Manage track visibility M  
Envelope/Offset Mode O  
Narrow/Widen All Strips    
Show/Hide All Meters    
Adjust Meter Options    
Show/Hide Tracks    
Show/Hide Buses    
Show/Hide Mains    
Show/Hide Mixer Input    
Show/Hide Mixer EQ Plot    
Show/Hide Mixer EQ Controls    
Show/Hide Mixer FX    
Show/Hide Mixer Send    
Show/Hide Mixer MSR    
Show/Hide Mixer Pan    
Show/Hide Mixer Volume    
Show/Hide Mixer Icon    
Show/Hide Mixer Output    
Toggle EQ Options    
Show/Hide FX Assignable Controls    
Toggle Send Options    


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Last updated: 10/15/08