Key Bindings for: Staff View

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Close View Ctrl+F4  
Enable Floating    
Disable Floating    
Select Tool S  
Draw Tool D  
Erase Tool E  
Scrub Tool B  
Snap To Grid On/Off N  
Snap To Grid Options Shift+N  
Whole Note Insertion. 1  
Half Note Insertion. 2  
Quarter Note Insertion. 4  
Eighth Note Insertion. 8  
Sixteenth Note Insertion. 6  
Thirty-second Note Insertion. 3  
Dotted. Adds half-again to duration. .  
Triplet P  
Pick Tracks T  
Lyric mode – draw tool enters lyrics. Y  
Chord mode – draw tool enters chords. C  
Expression mode – draw tool enters expressions. I  
Hairpin mode – draw tool enters hairpin events. H  
Pedal mode – draw tool enters pedal events. A  
Durations rounded up for purposes of determining note size. F  
Durations truncated for purposes of determining note size. M  
Configures staves for given tracks. L  
Play the previous note Ctrl+Left  
Play the next note Ctrl+Right  
Move backwards one beat    
Show/Hide the Fret View V  
Write tablature to text file X  
Zoom In    
Zoom Out    


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Last updated: 10/15/08