Key Bindings for: Step Record

(Defaults are in [brackets] )

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Whole Note Step [Num 1]  
Half Note Step [Num 2]  
Quarter Note Step [Num 4]  
Eighth Note Step [Num 8]  
16th Note Step [Num 6]  
32nd Note Step [Num 3]  
64th Note Step [Num 7]  
Add to Duration [Note '+']  
Dotted Note Step [Num *]  
Double Dotted Note Step [Shift+Num *]  
Custom Ticks Step Value [Num 5], [Num 9]  
Enable/Disable Tuplet [Num /]  
Note Duration will Match Step Size [Ctrl+NumLock]  
Enable/Disable Auto Advance [Num '.']  
Link Step Record to Now Time  
Turn On/Off Back Step Event Delete [Num '-']  
Step Backward [Num 0]  
Step Advance [Enter]  
Beat Backwared [Shift+Num 0], [Insert]  
Beat Advance [Shift+Enter]  
Measure Backward [Ctrl+Num 0]  
Measure Advance [Ctrl+Enter]  
Switch Between Basic and Advanced mode [Ctrl+Num '+']  


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Last updated: 10/15/08