Key Bindings for: Track View

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Unlink Step Sequencer clips    
Select Tool T  
Scrub Tool B  
Snap To Grid Options Shift+N  
Zoom In Horizontal Ctrl+Right  
Zoom Out Horizontal Ctrl+Left  
Aim Assist Shift+Alt+X  
Split Tool C  
Envelope Tool E  
Mute Tool K  
PRV Select Tool    
PRV Draw Tool    
PRV Erase Tool    
Microscope Mode    
Select Controllers Along With Notes    
Unhide all tracks and buses, no zoom A  
Hide tracks not in selection H (or Ctrl+W)  
Show/Hide Bus Pane Shift+B  
Resizes all tracks vertically to fit in the window F  
Resizes and zooms tracks to see entire project Shift+F  
Fit Content    
Show and Fit Selection Shift+S  
Show/Hide Track Navigator D  
Show/Hide Video Strip L  
Maximize/Restore the Tabbed View Ctrl+Shift+B  
Show/Hide Track Inspector I  
PRV Mode    
Hide Tracks Shift+H  
Manage track visiblity M  
Show/Hide Track Layers    
Show Volume Envelopes    
Show Pan Envelopes    
Snap To Grid On/Off N  
Enable/Disable Automatic Crossfades X  
Envelope/Offset Mode O  
Solo all selected tracks    
Solo Override all selected tracks    
Center View on Now Time G  
Restores view to previous state U  
Restore state of the view prior to 'undo' Shift+U  
Zoom In Current Track - Vertical    
Zoom Out Current Track - Vertical    
Zoom In All Tracks - Vertical Ctrl+Dn  
Zoom Out All Tracks - Vertical Ctrl+Up  
Scale Waveforms Up All Tracks Alt+Up  
Scale Waveforms Down All Tracks Alt+Dn  
Scale Waveforms Up Current Track Alt+Ctrl+Up  
Scale Waveforms Down Current Track Alt+Ctrl+Dn  
Fast Zoom In Ctrl+=  
Fast Zoom Out Ctrl+-  
Insert a new empty Track Folder    
Import Track Template    
Open/Close the Folder    
Show Folder Properties    
Isolate selection Shift+1  
Clip Properties Alt+Enter  
Clip View Options    
Open Clip Effect Bin Ctrl+B  
Open V-Vocal Editor Ctrl+Shift+V  
Create V-Vocal Clip Shift+V  
Clip Mute Toggle Q  
Lock Clip Position & Data Ctrl+K  
Lock Clip Position    
Lock Clip Data    
Split at Now Time S  
AudioSnap Enable F12  
AudioSnap Add Transients To Pool Ctrl+F12  
AudioSnap Show Transient Markers Shift+F12  
AudioSnap Go to Next Transient Marker Tab  
AudioSnap Go to Previous Transient Marker Shift+Tab  
Set Measure Beat at Now Ctrl+M  
AudioSnap Auto Stretch (Follow Tempo) Alt+F12  
AudioSnap Insert Marker Ctrl+Alt+I  
AudioSnap Reset Selected Transient Marker(s) Ctrl+Alt+R  
AudioSnap Delete Inserted Marker Ctrl+Alt+BackSpace  
AudioSnap Disable Marker Ctrl+Alt+D  
AudioSnap Promote Marker Ctrl+Alt+P  
AudioSnap Snap to Transients Ctrl+Alt+N  
AudioSnap Split Beats Into Clips    
Split Clip(s) at AudioSnap Pool    
AudioSnap Audition Beat Ctrl+Alt+Space  
AudioSnap Show Palette Shift+A  
AudioSnap Show Transient Pool Ctrl+Alt+F12  
AudioSnap Show Time (transient location)    
Apply AudioSnap Pool Transient Markers    
AudioSnap Select All Markers Alt+Shift+A  
AudioSnap Clear Selection Alt+Shift+C  
AudioSnap Select Moved Markers Alt+Shift+M  
AudioSnap Select Stretched Markers Alt+Shift+S  
AudioSnap Select Disabled Markers Alt+Shift+D  
AudioSnap Select Enabled Markers Alt+Shift+E  
AudioSnap Select Promoted Markers Alt+Shift+P  
Show/Hide All Meters    
Reset All Clips and Numeric Peak Indicators    
Input Quantize Resolution: Whole    
Input Quantize Resolution: Half    
Input Quantize Resolution: Half Dotted    
Input Quantize Resolution: Half Triplet    
Input Quantize Resolution: Quarter    
Input Quantize Resolution: Quarter Dotted    
Input Quantize Resolution: Quarter Triplet    
Input Quantize Resolution: Eighth    
Input Quantize Resolution: Eighth Dotted    
Input Quantize Resolution: Eighth Triplet    
Input Quantize Resolution: Sixteenth    
Input Quantize Resolution: Sixteenth Dotted    
Input Quantize Resolution: Sixteenth Triplet    
Input Quantize Resolution: 32nd    
Input Quantize Resolution: 32nd Dotted    
Input Quantize Resolution: 32nd Triplet    
Input Quantize Resolution: 64th    
Input Quantize Resolution: 64th Dotted    
Input Quantize Resolution: 64th Triplet    
Input Quantize Resolution: 128th    
Input Quantize Resolution: 128th Dotted    
Input Quantize Resolution: 128th Triplet    


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Last updated: 10/15/08